Often Hobbyhorse will be the first time that a child has been left by a parent/carer in a pre-school environment and we understand that this can be daunting for them and you. Some children settle immediately, others take a while longer and need some extra support. The Hobbyhorse team will happily give extra TLC when needed and will contact you to reassure you if your child was distressed at the time you left. To enhance the settling in period and help children adjust to a longer session, all new starters will finish their session at 11.30am, during the first two weeks. We also ask for a parent/carer to stay for their first session, to help familiarise them with the setting, routine and staff. 



Each child is monitored and assessed by the Early Years team during their time at Hobbyhorse. This is based on the EYFS to a record observations and file to support development for each child. The file can be viewed online through cloud based software. An invitation to join and view the file will be emailed to you so a valid email address is essential. All parents and carers are invited to discuss their child’s development with their Key Worker in a Parents Consultation. We also promote an open door policy, so the Early Years team are more than happy to discuss matters if there are any concerns.



We operate a daily session, 5 days per week and have a total number of 32 placements per session. We can offer children up to 5 sessions per week, if it is believed that the child will cope and enjoy a full week with us. Our basic opening hours are 8.30-1.30 (5hrs). The extended 6hr session is open to children eligible for the 30hrs funding and is an option for the children who are 3/4yr funded.