All fees are £4 per hour and are paid every half-term in advance.  You will receive an invoice at the beginning of every half term and we expect the fees to be paid promptly. Fees must be paid within two weeks of receipt, in order to secure your child’s placement. We accept various methods of payment. We do not accept cash or weekly payments. 


All 3yr olds are entitled to, and some 2yr olds are eligible for a maximum of 15 funded hours per week (3 sessions). All funding entitlements start from the term after their 2nd/3rd birthday.
To qualify for funding during the:
Summer term (from 1st April): Children must be 2/3yrs on or before 31st March.
Autumn term (from 1st September): Children must be 2/3yrs on or before 31st August.
Spring term (from 1st January): Children must be 2/3yrs on or before 31st December.
Our administrator will provide the ‘Parental Contract’ for you to complete and return promptly.  It is necessary to complete this every term and proof of identification (birth certificate/passport) needs to be seen with the first application. To find out if you qualify for the 2yr funding, visit ‘Time for Twos’ at the Rowans Surestart Children’s Centre in Fullers Slade, tel: 565852. They will help you apply for a funding number.

Registration and Visitation

The quickest way to register is to collect a copy from our setting or request a copy is sent via email. Once you have returned it to us, your child will join our waiting list. Our administrator will contact you nearer the time you wish to start, to discuss availability and to give details about visiting our setting.