Why did you choose Hobbyhorse and are you happy with your choice?

“I loved the atmosphere and the general feel of Hobbyhorse when I visited.”

“I chose this pre-school as it was well equipped and had dedicated spaces, unlike many others we looked at. On our first visit we were given so much information as to what was done with the children and why.”

“Good reputation.”

 “I chose Hobbyhorse as it had a good Ofsted report and when we came to visit, it was welcoming.”

How Did your child settle in?

“My daughter became unsettled after a few visits but with support from the staff, distress was minimised for my daughter and myself.”

“My son struggled to start with so I’m very happy and impressed with the level and support and the communication I received.”

“I liked the fact you could stay if your child needed you”

“The staff were really helpful.”

Did you receive enough information about your child’s progress?

“The staff would comment on things that my daughter had achieved and were always happy to answer questions.”

“I know that I can ask to see my daughter’s development folder any time and I can speak to her key worker at any time.”

“The folder that each child has is very well written and thought out”

 “My daughter has come on leaps and bounds in her speech and confidence.”

What do you think about the environment?

“It’s obvious that a lot of thought goes into themes and they are very child centred. “

“It’s good to see displayed the children’s art work and photo’s of them having fun.”

“I love how everything is set out and the children always seem so happy”

“It looks fun when you walk in.”