Our Childcare Policies

Hobbyhorse adheres to childcare policies as required by Ofsted and the PSLA.  A list of policies is available to view and includes policies such as child protection, and special needs.  The policies are reviewed annually and updated as necessary. 

At Hobbyhorse we welcome parental involvement and if you have any comments to make regarding these policies, whether positive or negative, please feel free to discuss them with the Committee Chair.

Other Important things

All children must bring a bag containing a change of clothes, (incl. socks), nappies, wipes (if needed) and their lunch. Always make sure your child is dressed appropriately. They will need to wear sun screen and a sun hat when it’s hot and a jumper, hat, mittens when it’s cold. In wet weather, wellies and a raincoat are essential plus a spare pair of shoes for wearing indoors. Please spare a thought for us managing items belonging to 32 children. It’s essential to label bags, clothing, footwear, lunchboxes, bottle, containers, spoons must be labelled. We highly recommend super stickylabels which are washing machine and dishwasher friendly.

We advise that children do not wear their best clothes as they may get dirty or wet during play. We have an optional uniform of t-shirts and sweatshirts which can be purchased from Maisies in Wolverton. 

We are required to complete paperwork to report child accidents at Hobbyhorse and at home. Similar forms are used for incidents, prescribed medication etc.