Opening hours

We are open term time Monday to Friday. Our core session time is 8.30-1.30, costs £22.50 and is open to all children. New starters will start with a shorter session, 8.30-11.30 for the first two weeks and costs £13.50. The extended session, 8.30-2.30, is available to children eligible to the 30hr funding. Children who are entitled to the 3/4yr funding can request the extra hour. 


To view our setting please call or email to arrange an appointment, and pick up a welcome pack containing a registration form and welcome book. Once you have completed and returned the registration form, your child will join our waiting list. We will contact you nearer the time you wish to start, to discuss availability and to arrange an induction with our manager. This an opportunity to talk in greater detail about your child, discuss our routine and ask questions.

Download our registration form


All fees are £4.50 per hour and are paid every half-term in advance.  You are emailed an invoice at the beginning of every half term, which must be paid promptly within two weeks of receipt, in order to secure your child’s placement. We accept various methods of payment, including BACS, voucher and cheque payments. All BACS payments must clearly reference your child’s name and invoice number.  We do not accept cash.

As we are a charity and a non profit organisation, all invoices must be paid even if your child is absent.  This includes holidays and sickness. If you wish to cancel your child’s placement, please give us two weeks written notice. This period must be paid for, even if your child doesn’t attend the final sessions.


TWO/Three/Four year OLD AND 3ohr Funding

All 3/4yr olds and some 2yr olds are entitled to a maximum of 15 funded hours per week. Some working parents maybe eligible for the 30 funded hours per week. All funded placements start from the term after their 2nd/3rd birthday. 

To qualify for funding during the:

  • · Summer term (from 1st April): Children must be 2/3yrs on or before 31st March.
  • · Autumn term (from 1st Sept): Children must be 2/3yrs on or before 31st August.
  • · Spring term (from 1st Jan): Children must be 2/3yrs on or before 31st December.

We will provide the ‘Parental Contract’ for you to complete every term. Proof of identification (birth certificate/passport) needs to be seen with the first application.

Parents must register and apply for the 2yr funding online. Successful registration will generate a letter to confirm the funding has been awarded and Hobbyhorse will need to see the letter

Parents must register and apply for the 30hr funding online.  Successful registration will generate a unique funding number, which Hobbyhorse will  need to activate it before the child is offered a placement. The number is only valid for 3 months so parents will need to reapply to obtain a new number. 

To qualify for the 30hr funding during the:

  • · Summer term (from 1st April): Parents a funding number by 31st March.
  • · Autumn term (from 1st Sept): Parents a funding number by 31st August.
  • · Spring term (from 1st Jan): Parents a funding number by 31st December.

NOTE: Hobbyhorse are required to activate the number before the dates above.


There is funding available for 3yr old children who fit the criteria for the 2yr funding. This extra funding enable those children to take part in activities like Forest School, Yoga etc. The funding gives Hobbyhorse an opportunity to afford these sessions.


There is funding available for children transitioning from Hobbyhorse into a school reception class. Children can continue at Hobbyhorse during September while they are being phased into school, up to 4 weeks. The criteria is that the child is funded at Hobbyhorse the term before, the summer term.